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Frau Holle Boutique Hotel
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The house was built in the 1940s by the Khromer family who were German settlers and has been a hotel for thirty years. Managed and run by its owners, the Boutique Hotel Frau Holle am See was completely restored in 2009 to offer modern amenities, while still preserving and maintaining its original style and charm to make guests always feel at home.

Frau Holle is a fable from the collection of German folk tales first published in 1812 by the Grimm brothers. It tells the story of a widow who favors her lazy daughter over her industrious stepdaughter, forcing the stepdaughter to sit at a loom and weave and weave until her fingers bleed. When the stepdaughter accidentally drops part of the loom into a well (she was trying to clean it of her blood), her stepmother orders her in after it. The stepdaughter obeys - despite the danger of drowning - loses consciousness, then awakens in a magical place, where she happens upon the home of Frau Holle. The kindly old lady takes her in, on the promise of the stepdaughter helping out around the house, which the stepdaughter is only too pleased to do. The stepdaughter lives the good life and knows it, but over time grows lonely for her home.

Frau Holle understands and sends her off with two gifts. The first is the piece from the loom that had fallen in the well. The second is a shower of gold that falls upon her as she leaves Frau Holle's for the last time. The stepdaughter finds herself transported back home and is "well received," as might be expected when someone has lots of gold stuck to them! The widow decides she'd like her lazy daughter to return covered with gold as well, and so she puts her through the same routine. However, when the lazy daughter emerges in the magical world of Frau Holle, she acts like the brat she is, and Frau Holle rewards her with a shower not of gold, but of tar. Which never comes off.

This fable, passed on from generation to generation within German families, inspires women to be courageous and industrious, to become a beautiful example of life.

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